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  • Beer Mug: Weekender Wheat

    Name: Weekender Wheat

    Brewery: Geneva Lake Brewing Company

    Location: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

    Taste: This classic wheat beer offers all the thirst quenching refreshment you expect from your favorite ‘go to’ beer.

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  • Gear Up: Ciclotte Exercise Bike

    Brought to you by Cannondale Generators and Generac

    NAME:  Ciclotte Exercise Bike

    WHAT DOES IT DO:   The Ciclotte features a complex dual satellite epicycloid transmission, a carbon-and-alcantara adjustable saddle, a touch-screen display, pedals placed closer to the saddle for correct biomechanics, a slender, unicycle-style frame, and unique carbon handlebars.

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  • Beer Mug: Naked Pig Pale Ale

    Name: Naked Pig Pale Ale

    Brewery: Back Forty Beer Co.

    Location: Gadsden, Alabama

    Taste: Naked Pig is a delightfully crisp, hand crafted ale. The German malts provide a perfect balance to the five hop additions that go into every batch they make.

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  • Gear Up: Amazon Fire TV

    Brought to you by Cannondale Generators and Generac

    NAME:  Amazon Fire TV

    WHAT DOES IT DO:   Powered by a beefy quad-core processor with a dedicated GPU and 2GB of memory, the Fire TV gives you access to your favorite media streaming services — including Netflix, Hulu, Watch ESPN, Pandora, and, of course, Prime Instant Video — as well as the ability to play games with a dedicated gaming controller. Oh, and it also offers voice search that keeps you from dealing with on-screen keyboards and Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound support.

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  • Beer Mug: Mutiny IPA

    Name: Mutiny IPA

    Brewery: Capital Brewery

    Location: Middleton, Wisconsin

    Taste: Capital's first India Pale Ale has a bright amber hue with an upfront florally citrus hop aroma.

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  • Gear Up: GCT CR-1 Carbon Fiber RV

    Brought to you by Cannondale Generators and Generac

    NAME:  GCT CR-1 Carbon Fiber RV

    WHAT DOES IT DO:   This unique camper is built completely from carbon fiber for reduced weight and more strength, and offers features like custom exterior lighting, marine-grade hardware, an interior filled with leather and carbon fiber, a large lounge area that doubles as a workstation, a walk-through master bath, and a flush-body design for enhanced maneuverability. Options include a smartphone control system, an integrated generator, a solar power system, a second awning

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  • FOX Blox: Tax Day

    You gotta pay 'em! It's Tax Day today!
    • Dire Straits – Money for Nothing
    • Pink Floyd – Money
    • Steve Miller Band – Take the Money and Run
    Image: Wikipedia
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  • Beer Mug: Ballistic IPA

    Name: Ballistic IPA   

    Brewery: Ale Asylum

    Location: Madison, Wisconsin

    Taste: Ale Asylum's take on the IPA style has all the bitterness you demand without making you feel like you’re sucking on a roll of nickels. That’s because they use Amarillo hops, which are delicious, and a proprietary hopping schedule, which is none of your business. Ballistic IPA is a sexy explosion of citrus hop bitterness in a world of muted blandness.

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  • Gear Up: Smokestack Firepit

    Brought to you by Cannondale Generators and Generac

    NAME:  Smokestack Firepit

    WHAT DOES IT DO:   This unique outdoor burner stands 6.5 feet tall, and is made in Holland with Corten steel that's meant to oxidize with the elements over time, giving it an inviting copper color that will blend in great with naturally-colored seating and decorative elements.

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  • Beer Mug: Saranac India Pale Ale

    Name: Saranac India Pale Ale

    Brewery: Matt Brewing Company

    Location: Utica, NY

    Taste:  A Hop lover's delight! In the India Pale Ale tradition, this brew is very hoppy in both aroma and flavor from the generous amounts of cascade hops we use in brewing. Look for a medium body and a golden straw color.

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  • Gear Up: Tomtom Runner Cardio GPS Watch

    Brought to you by Cannondale Generators and Generac

    NAME:  Tomtom Runner Cardio GPS Watch

    WHAT DOES IT DO:   It uses a sensor that casts light through the skin in your wrist, accurately measuring bloodflow without the need for a separate chest strap. With five intensity zones, you can tailor your workout to meet your needs, whether you're training for speed, endurance, or fat loss. And since it's weather resistant, durable, and has a long-lasting battery, you can rest assured it will outlast you on even your best day.

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  • Beer Mug: Dogfish Head American Beauty

    Name: American Beauty

    Brewery: Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales

    Location:  Rehoboth Beach, DE

    Taste: Fruity hops up front, balanced by an almost honey-like malt backbone. Both elements fade out very nicely together, leaving a dry finish that is bittersweet.

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  • Gear Up: Card Table

    Brought to you by Cannondale Generators and Generac

    NAME:  Card Table

    WHAT DOES IT DO:   This clever — and free — app lets you and up to three friends play poker, rummy, bridge, blackjack, war, or any other card game you can think of, all using a single iPad as the table and your iPhones as your personal hands. It works over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and is sure to liven up any tech-heavy gathering.

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  • Beer Mug: Vulcan Ale

    Name: Vulcan Ale

    Brewery: Cannery Brewing Company

    Location: British Columbia, Canada

    Taste: Lots of bready, biscuit malts and toasted grains. Low bitterness on the hops side. A hint of grassiness on the finish.

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  • Gear Up: Rungu Juggernaut Bike

    Brought to you by Cannondale Generators and Generac

    NAME:  Rungu Juggernaut Bike

    WHAT DOES IT DO:   It's a trike, with dual forks in the front mounted with one 26-inch wheel and a 4.7-inch tire each. An aluminum frame keeps the weight down in spite of the extra metal needed to support that additional wheel, while low gearing helps you conquer some of the most difficult terrain. Hydraulic rear brakes and dual front disk brakes give you incredible stopping power, letting you bomb down snowy hills without fear. And if (even with all its features) you're still worried about powering this beast, it includes e-bike kit mounts for transforming it into an electric vehicle.

    HOW MUCH:  $2500+

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  • Beer Mug: Imperial Stout Trooper

    Name: Imperial Stout Trooper

    Brewery: New England Brewing Co.

    Location: Woodbridge, CT

    Taste: Taste is exceptional. A lot of flavor, but not too much to be overpowering. A touch of bitterness, but it is well balanced. Though the alcohol is not overpowering, there is some definite heat on the way down.

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  • Gear Up: Grillbot

    Brought to you by Cannondale Generators and Generac

    NAME:  Grillbot

    WHAT DOES IT DO:   This automatic grill cleaning robot features three wire brushes attached to three strong electric motors that work together to clean away burnt-on crud, an alarm and timer to let you know when it's finished, a smart CPU that controls the movement, speed, and direction of the brushes, a rechargeable battery, and dead-simple push-button operation.

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  • Beer Mug: Hoptical Illusion

    Name: Hoptical Illusion

    Brewery: Bluepoint Brewing Company

    Location: Long Island, New York

    Taste: Brilliant balancing of bitterness and fruitiness make this brew very enjoyable. Hops also a strong characteristic (hence the name of the beer). Good medium finish. Hops do come through, with some good malt balance. The hops are there and noticeable, so it is very satisfying.

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  • Gear Up: Nite Ize Reflective Rope

    Brought to you by Cannondale Generators and Generac

    NAME:  Nite Ize Reflective Rope

    WHAT DOES IT DO:   This 50-foot green roap has a reflective strip woven right into the sturdy nylon, lighting it up any time you shine a light on it. It's ideal for tents, tarps, tie-downs, really anything you want to secure and still see.

    HOW MUCH:  $10

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  • Beer Mug: Moose Drool Brown Ale

    Name: Moose Drool Brown Ale

    Brewery: Big Sky Brewing

    Location: Missoula Montana

    Taste: It's chocolate brown in color with a creamy texture. A malty beer with just enough hop presence to keep it from being too sweet. The aroma mostly comes from the malt with a hint of spice added by the hops. Moose Drool is brewed with pale, caramel, chocolate, and whole black malts; and Kent Goldings, Liberty, and Willamette hops.

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  • Gear Up: Aquapod Bottle Launcher

    Brought to you by Cannondale Generators and Generac

    NAME:  Aquapod Bottle Launcher

    WHAT DOES IT DO:   Made to work with any two-liter bottle, a bicycle pump, and water, the Aquapod is capable of launching a plastic pop bottle up to 100 feet into the air. Built to last for plenty of summers to come, it's constructed from high-quality, durable ABS plastic, and features a simple one-piece design. All you need to do is pump it up until the check valve releases pressure, pull the launch cord, and you're ready to go.

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  • Beer Mug: 420 Brilliant Lager

    Name: 420 Brilliant Lager

    Brewery: Shaftebury Brewing Company

    Location: Delta, British Colombia

    Taste: They use only the best malted barley, hops, yeast and water. Rich in color and smooth in taste, this beer is full-flavored with a crisp finish. Best enjoyed at 2˚ Celsius to bring out the crispness of the beer.

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  • Gear Up: Go Bacon

    Brought to you by Cannondale Generators and Generac

    NAME:  Go Bacon

    WHAT DOES IT DO:   Held in a portable four-by-six-inch resealable package, Go Bacon fits perfectly in the pocket of your pants or jacket, so it can go anywhere you do. Each package contains one-and-a-half ounces of premium, jerkied bacon, available in either original or a spicy sriracha flavor.

    HOW MUCH:  $9

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  • Beer Mug: Seriously Bad Elf

    Name: Seriously Bad Elf

    Brewery: Ridgeway Brewing

    Location: South Stoke, UK (England)

    Taste: Ridgeway Seriously Bad Elf has an extremely thin, white head, a very crystal-clear, old gold appearance, some bubble streams, and virtually no lacing left behind. The aroma is of sweet toffee, sweet bread, whiskey, butter, and a slight nuttiness. Taste is of citrus peel, toffee, alcohol, grain husk, white bread, and a somewhat pine-oriented bitterness.

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