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11/26/14 - The Thankful Tribe

The Tribe shares what they are most thankful for.

Posted 11/26/2014 6:24:00 PM


11/26/14 - Comedian Pablo Francisco on the phone

Comedian Pablo Francisco called into the show to talk business, but wound up trading voices with AJ! Hilarity ensues

Posted 11/26/2014 6:22:00 PM


11/26/14 - Manchester Fire Chief David Billings

New Fire Chief of Manchester speaks with the boys on the phone about a particular structure fire.

Posted 11/26/2014 6:20:00 PM


Chaz and AJ - Goodfellas pt2 - 11/26/14

The Tribe gets cooking advice from Gerry the chef of Goodfellas in New Haven.

Posted 11/26/2014 6:17:00 PM


Chaz and AJ - Goodfellas pt1 - 11/26/14

Gerry the chef of Goodfellas Restaurant in New Haven came by to give the guys a taste of an Italian Thanksgiving.

Posted 11/26/2014 6:13:00 PM


11/25/14 - Channel 3 WFSB's Mark Zinni in Studio

The new guy at WFSB, Mark Zinni was in studio for his official meeting with Chaz and AJ this morning. He talked about the CNN coverage of the Ferguson riots, and commented on one reporter who was hit in the head with a rock during her live shot.

Posted 11/25/2014 9:45:00 AM


11/25/14 - Lt. Paul Vance Press Conference

Chaz and AJ had CT State Police Spokesperson Lt. Paul Vance in studio to do a live on-air press conference regarding a potential crime involving a turkey.

Posted 11/25/2014 9:40:00 AM


11/25/14 - The Tribe's Questions for Lt. Vance

Lt. Paul Vance stuck around to answer some real questions from the Tribe, and to issue a warning about Thanksgiving weekend being a big drinking weekend.

Posted 11/25/2014 9:35:00 AM


11/25/14 - Dumb Ass News

Today's headlines in Chaz and AJ Dumb Ass News include a woman who was arrested after a fistfight started over a game of Monopoly, and the CNN reporter who took a rock to the head live on the air at the Ferguson riots.

Posted 11/25/2014 9:30:00 AM


11/25/14 - Scot Haney's Snow Forecast

Chaz and AJ spoke with WFSB Meteorologist Scot Haney this morning since it looks like a bunch of snow might be coming down tonight and tomorrow.

Posted 11/25/2014 9:25:00 AM


11/24/14 - Chaz and AJ Read the News

Chaz and AJ go over everything you need to know today, from NY Governor Andrew Cuomo explaining why floods are dangerous, to Indianapolis Colts' receiver T.Y. Hilton getting emotional after yesterday's game.

Posted 11/24/2014 9:45:00 AM


11/24/14 - Pam Sings Badly

The Chaz and AJ McDermott Chevrolet @ Lexus Toy Drive is very close, and the musical lineup is something to be very excited about. Ed Kowalczyk of Live will be performing, and to prove how awesome it will be, Chaz and AJ had Pam try to sing some of his songs.

Posted 11/24/2014 9:40:00 AM


11/24/14 - The Ugliest Christmas Tree

A town in Pennsylvania is very upset over how ugly their town Christmas tree is. So upset in fact, that a few of the townsfolk wound up in Chaz and AJ's Dumb Ass News.

Posted 11/24/2014 9:35:00 AM


11/24/14 - Odell Beckham Jr.'s Crazy Catch

NFL Agent Joe Linta was in studio with Chaz and AJ to talk about yesterday's games (a little), and about the insane one-handed catch made by the Giants' Odell Beckham Jr.

Posted 11/24/2014 9:30:00 AM


11/24/14 - High School Football, and Eating Strategies

NFL Agent Joe Linta stuck around for one more segment to talk about some of the bigger CT high school football games taking place Thanksgiving week, and then everyone on the show shared their eating tips for the holiday.

Posted 11/24/2014 9:25:00 AM


11/21/14 - Phil's Roommate Erica In Studio

Last week, Phil the Producer ranted to Dr. Patty Ann for an hour about his messy roommates. This week, Chaz and AJ invited Erica, one of his roommates, in studio to get the other side of the story.

Posted 11/21/2014 9:40:00 AM


11/21/14 - Comedian Rhys Darby in Studio

In studio after a long, late night flight, and a long, early morning car ride, comedian Rhys Darby from "Flight of the Conchords" joined Chaz and AJ for news.

Posted 11/21/2014 9:35:00 AM


11/21/14 - Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes

Chef Jerry Reveron was in studio this morning, with three different dishes for three different stuffing recipes. Hear which one Chaz couldn't stop eating!

Posted 11/21/2014 9:30:00 AM


11/20/14 - Drunk Man On Bicycle Denied Tacos

To get a guaranteed winner in Dumb Ass News, just say "Florida." Chaz reads the headlines, AJ, Pam and Phil ring in to hear about the saddest sad face ever, and the man on a scooter who tried stealing five steaks at a WalMart.

Posted 11/20/2014 9:45:00 AM


11/20/14 - Jim Fleming with the CT Auto Show

Second day in a row AJ gets to geek out over cars, this time with Jim Fleming, in studio with Chaz and AJ to talk about the upcoming CT Auto Show in Hartford, at the Connecticut Convention Center.

Posted 11/20/2014 9:40:00 AM