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3/31/15- Chaz and AJ Presents Van Halen!

Live Nation's Jimmy Koplik live with Chaz and AJ presents Van Halen. Tuesday August 11th at the Xfinity Theater. Win front row tickets all this week

Posted 3/31/2015 9:30:00 AM


3/31/15- Girl Scout Cookies

It's that time of year again. Girl Scouts are out selling cookies and they are everywhere! Hear what AJ's opinion is on the matter

Posted 3/31/2015 9:25:00 AM


3/31/15- Medical Marihuana

Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Protection Jonathan Harris, was in studio today answering your questions about medical marihuana and more

Posted 3/31/2015 9:20:00 AM


3/31/15- Bieber Roast

The Justin Bieber roast was aired last night. In case you missed it we have all of the highlights

Posted 3/31/2015 9:15:00 AM


3/31/15- Stop Pooping

On Dumb Ass News why one town is asking people to stop pooping.

Posted 3/31/2015 9:10:00 AM


3/30/15- FastTrak Audio with Beth

Beth rides the new CT FastTrak bus line, which is in fact its own road. Hear from Brian who she met on the bus and what mayor he has a crush on.

Posted 3/30/2015 9:30:00 AM


3/30/15- New Britain Mayor Erin Calls In

The New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart calls in about who has a crush on her and surprise, she may know who he is.

Posted 3/30/2015 9:25:00 AM


3/30/15- Marc Robbins Lost a Bet

Marc Robbins and Phil made a bet. Marc lost and went shirtless on air with us.

Posted 3/30/2015 9:20:00 AM


3/30/15- Bacon Rage

In Dumb Ass New two words....Bacon Rage

Posted 3/30/2015 9:15:00 AM


3/27/15 - Comedian Lenny Clarke in Studio

In studio for the first time with Chaz and AJ, comedian Lenny Clarke from Boston. He's at Comix at Foxwoods this weekend, and talked about his failed TV show, and how he and many other comics shared a very small apartment in Boston in the 80's.

Posted 3/27/2015 9:45:00 AM


3/27/15 - More Lenny Clarke Love

As comedian Lenny Clarke was in with Chaz and AJ, calls from the Tribe began to trickle in thanking Lenny for inspiring them to become fire fighters, or EMTs, or comedians.

Posted 3/27/2015 9:40:00 AM


3/27/15 - Marc Robbins Thinks Duke Will Lose

During news, Chaz and AJ called up WFSB's and ESPN's Marc Robbins to talk March Madness. He and Phil the Producer feel differently about the Duke/Utah game tonight.

Posted 3/27/2015 9:35:00 AM


3/27/15 - Mike Mikolay on the Germanwings Plane Crash

Mike Mikolay was on the phone with Chaz and AJ this morning to talk about procedures on planes, and how safety regulations implemented post-9/11 may have contributed to the Germanwings crash.

Posted 3/27/2015 9:30:00 AM


3/26/15- DOT Commissioner Jim Redeker

DOT Commissioner Jim Redeker was in studio answering your questions about the roads after this long winter and what to do about all the potholes

Posted 3/26/2015 9:30:00 AM


3/26/15- DOT Commissioner Jim Redeker Part 2

More with DOT Commissioner Jim Redeker as you call in with suggestions about what can be done with the roads

Posted 3/26/2015 9:25:00 AM


3/26/15- Paul McCartney and Metallica?

In today's news find out where you could hear Paul McCartney and Metallica

Posted 3/26/2015 9:20:00 AM


3/25/15 - Lisa Lampanelli

Chaz and AJ had comedian Lisa Lampanelli on the phone this morning to promote her show in October at the yet-to-be opened College Street Music Hall in New Haven. Lisa talked about the Bieber roast, her divorce, and her weight loss.

Posted 3/25/2015 9:45:00 AM


3/25/15 - Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch

Bill Finch was in studio this morning with Chaz and AJ, to address former Mayor Joe Ganim's recent criticisms about how the city has been run over the last 8 years.

Posted 3/25/2015 9:40:00 AM


3/25/15 - Dr. Patty Ann and Chem Trails Conspiracy Theorists

Dr. Patty Ann was in with Chaz and AJ this morning, and things got off to an odd start when Nelson in New Haven called in upset about plane "entrails" in the blue sky.

Posted 3/25/2015 9:35:00 AM


3/25/15 - More with Bill Finch

Chaz and AJ let the Tribe ask Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch anything they wanted about the city.

Posted 3/25/2015 9:35:00 AM