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For The People with John Voket

For the People with John Voket



This morning, John Voket and the award-winning 'For the People' introduces New Seasons and Journey Found - serving individuals with developmental, cognitive and physical disabilities, and invites you to their inaugural Manchester Park-A.I.D. Motorcycle Jamboree.
Then we'll replay an early July interview with AccessHealthCT as the statewide health insurance marketplace gears up for this fall's open enrollment.
And we'll conclude chatting with the Mattress Recycling Council and celebrating Connecticut's new statewide mattress recycling program.

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What can folks in Waterbury, Norwich, Winsted or Danbury do to improve the environmental health of the Connecticut River? And did you hear about the new programs being funded to assist recently incarcerated individuals and immigrants in Greater New Haven? This morning, John Voket and the award-winning 'For the People' checks in with the The Connecticut River Watershed Council and invites listeners to the upcoming 'Source to Sound Cleanup;' chats with the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven about new funding for programs aimed at assisting local immigrants and formerly incarcerated individuals; and promotes an upcoming family event to benefit Milford's REACH OUT Project and the I'mPossible Project, serving communities throughout Southern and Central CT.

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Have you had your immunizations? - Have your kids? And do you think your little girl isn't smart enough to be a genius computer code writer? This morning, John Voket and the award-winning 'For the People' we'll meet the the tournament director for the 2015 CT Open, coming to New haven August 21 - 29 - and tell you about why you must attend if you aren't a fan of the game. Then we'll turn to girls and STEM education and introduce a couple who has established the Hartford area nonprofit Girls for Technology. And we'll check in with St Frances Hospital's Chief of Infectious Diseases just because August is National Immunization Awareness Month!

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Our annual visit to the 20th Anniverary Gathering of the Vibes at Seaside Park in Bridgeport welcomes a number of new and old friends coming to you live from the Vibes Non Profit Village. It's Sunday - family day today at the Vibes so be sure to head out and check out all the worthy agencies and causes along with all the great music, food and fun. Stay tuned and hear from the Vibes Diretor of Sustainability, Save the Sound, Wharf Rats, the Bridgeport Regional Business Council, Get on the List, the Music Never Stops Foundation and the Road to the Vibes winner and festival opener Relative Souls.

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Did you know that in 2014 police in Connecticut recorded the fewest arrests in more than 40 years? And what it means for the state to have one of the nation's most experienced utility regulators? This morning, John Voket and the award-winning 'For the People' takes a look at the Malloy administration's cultural shift on crime and incarcerations as the state's new 'Second Chance Society' initiative ramps up. Then we'll meet one of the longest tenured utility regulators in the country serving our state, and then take a different tack on utility challenges as Operation Fuel launches its summer fundraising appeal.

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How can a mother who lost her daughter to a drug overdose, or friends of a victim involved in the Sandy Hook tragedy possibly realize something redeeming from their losses? This morning, John Voket and the award-winning 'For the People' opens and closes with local causes turning the ultimate tragedy into a force for good. We're opening with an organizer of the Race4Chase kids triathlon program honoring Sandy Hook Elementary School victim Chase Kowalski. And we'll wrap talking to the mother and friend of a shoreline heroin overdose victim who are celebrating her life by by hosting a joyous music fest in Guilford later this month while encouraging parents to support loved ones suffering through addiction.
In between we'll talk with the state's healthcare insurance marketplace, AccessHealthCT about how the program is doing in year three of operation, and about a ramp up to open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act this fall.

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This morning we open with the second half of our Radio Handbook on Your Social Security. We'll talk more about how this federal program might be of benefit to you, and why it's so important to know about Social Security even if you are decades away from your retirement years.
Then we'll reconvene with our favorite consumer protection guru, Howard Schwartz of the BBB Serving CT. We'll talk about scams and give you tips to avoid being scammed when you're planning to move, get married, if you're considering getting a new puppy, or if you've been invited to participate in a themed walk, 5k or other type of 'fun run.'
And we'll wrap on a serious subject, newborn abandonment - we'll talk to a pioneering former state lawmaker who helped introduce Connecticut's Safe Haven Law, which has prevented the abandonment of two dozen infants since 2000. We'll also catch up with a working group researcher who helped establish Connecticut's first ever Safe Haven Day.

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Do you have any clue how much Social Security can help support you in retirement, or for that matter, how the Social Security Administration's services can help you today? We'll open this "Happy New Fiscal Year" show with the first of a 2-part 'radio handbook' about Social Security, and how state residents can benefit from many services the agency offers, even if your retirement years are a long way away.
Then we'll check in with the CT Dept of Housing Commissioner, and the Conn Coalition to End Homelessness about the latest state homeless population census, which just delivered some good and even historic news about how we are better caring for and housing our homeless.
And we'll wrap up chatting with a representative from one of the state's Area Agencies on Aging about critical information that seniors should know about the resources, services and opportunities for them at each of the regional agencies on aging, and we'll key in on a unique volunteer initiative matching savvy seniors to be tutors and mentors for young and challenged students in southern Connecticut.

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This morning John Voket and the award-winning For the People visits with the American Civil Liberties Union to hear about a new law aimed at reducing the thousands of school-based arrests happening across the state every year.
Then we'll congratulate and learn all about the 2015 grads of Connecticut's Parent Leadership Training Institute - working to empower parents as leaders in their schools and communities.
And we'll wrap reminding state nonprofits about the 'Extreme Charity Makeover' competition, with its June 30 deadline approaching for nominations.

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How do you take a snapshot of a half-dozen neighboring communities? And where can hundreds of returning Connecticut college grads go to find a job in their home state?
This morning John Voket and the award-winning For the People unveils the Valley Community Foundation's community snapshot - the first step in a two year process to better understands the needs of the southern Naugatuck Valley. Then we'll treat you to a sub from Jersey Mike's, while explaining how to help benefit Connecticut Special Olympics. And we'll wrap inviting you to this week's 'RecruitCT' job fair, matching hundreds of in-state jobs to recent college grads.

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Have you served in the armed forces? Or maybe you're interested in checking out some of the hot attractions at this year's International Festival of Arts & Ideas? This morning John Voket and the award-winning For the People brings back one of the state's most dedicated veteran advocates to discuss the ramping up of municipal veterans service offices and other issues related to all our local heroes.
Then we'll feature an exclusive preview of the 20th Anniversary Festivals of Arts Have you served in the armed forces? Or maybe you're interested in checking out some of the hot attractions at this year's International Festival of Arts & Ideas? This morning John Voket and the award-winning For the People brings back one of the state's most dedicated veteran advocates to discuss the ramping up of municipal veterans service offices and other issues related to all our local heroes.
Then we'll feature an exclusive preview of the 20th Anniversary Festivals of Arts & Ideas, and wrap up introducing a new and struggling domestic violence shelter serving the greater Waterbury area.

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How much of what we pay toward fixing our roads actually ends up as real, sustainable improvements? And where can you turn if you can no longer afford to pay for the pets you dearly love?
This morning John Voket and the award-winning For the People will chat with a representative of ConnPIRG about a recent study that pulls back the veil on the “users pay” myth when it comes to roadway improvements taxpayers think they are paying for.
Then we'll meet STARelief and Pet Assistance, helping keep pets and people together during financial hard times. And we'll tell you about protecting your pets and keeping them happy during the dog days of summer.
We'll also introduce Griffin Hospital's 'Wellness For Life' program and invite you to the 7th Annual Center for Cancer Care 5K Walk/Run.

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Are you a man age 50 or over - or a woman older than 12? Maybe you're a homeowner who can't afford, but would benefit from energy-saving home improvements?
Today, John Voket and the award-winning For the People explores two rapidly escalating trends - skin cancer for men over 50, and breast cancer for virtually any woman in Connecticut. We'll keep you informed with experts in both fields of oncology.
We'll also tell Connecticut residents looking to do energy efficiency improvements, about a couple new programs to help make those projects more affordable - even covering the costs of a new furnace or solar installation!

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How can you help save a life while you're calling 911 for medical help? How about saving money on your gas and electric bills - anybody in? And did you hear about Connecticut's new 'Bright Spot'?
This morning the award-winning For the People will highlight Bright Spot a first of its kind partnership to help loved ones enhance recovery at Liberation Programs. Then we'll pay tribute to all our emergency medical responders. It's National EMS Week - so we'll tap a couple of EMS experts to help you understand everything happening behind these calls for help.
And there's a new energy company in Connecticut - Eversource. So we'll introduce this new utility and get a few tips on how to save money on your energy bills.

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This morning we'll celebrate Mother's day by reminding you about a fun and engaging new program aimed at helping homeless mothers, fathers and their families throughout Connecticut once and for all. We'll bring in guests from the CT Coalition To End Homelessness and the People's United Community Foundation to talk about the new 'Be Homeful' initiative you can begin supporting right now on Mother's Day.
Then we'll turn to an expert who heads up a foundation and has just written a comprehensive manual that we will all be able to use at some point - we'll be talking about end of life planning, and the ways to be sure the end of life care you may be helping provide a loved one is as positive, happy and fulfilling as possible.
And we'll wrap up calling on charities and those who work and volunteer for them. Have you heard about the second annual Extreme Charity Makeover. We'll bring on the individual responsible for this fantastic philanthropic initiative, and tell all you charities and nonprofits out there how you can get involved.

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Can you believe in one of the world's richest regions, one agency sheltered at least one new homeless child every day last year? This morning at 6, John Voket goes to the front lines of homelessness with Alpha Community Services YMCA - which is hosting its next Walk to End Homelessness May 16.
What's a 'phantom debt collector'? We'll check in with Connecticut BBB to help protect you from phantom debt collectors, “reputation management” scammers, unscrupulous dating services, and other consumer predators.
And we'll wrap with the CT Coalition Against Domestic Violence calling you to support two bills under legislative review - designed to better protect victims, and to fully understand the toll domestic violence takes on our children.

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What does underage drinking have to do with the state's consumer agency? It's alcohol awareness month, so John Voket and the award-winning For the People will pass on some wise advice about the serious consequences of underage drinking from Connecticut's Consumer Protection Commissioner.
Have you heard about the big tribute to state veterans who served in Vietnam? We'll clue you in on the upcoming Vietnam War 50th Anniversary celebration with the director of CCSU's Veterans History Project, and a Vietnam Vet helping to organize the event.
And if you know of a child in crisis, stay tuned - we'll wrap up introducing you to the Exchange Club Parenting Skills Center

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Did you know every dollar Connecticut is claiming to save in cutting services to the disabled and to mental health programs in the coming years could cost you $5, $7 or more just a few years down the road? This morning, John Voket and the award-winning For the People brings in Norwalk-based Keystone House, and experts from NAMI Connecticut to talk about proposed budget cuts and how they can jeopardize thousands of state residents. And we'll invite you to support the May 16 NAMI Walk in Hartford, and Keystone's Mystery Gala!
Then, we'll wrap with a representative and recipient from the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA). And we'll tell you how you can party with PHA and get to see Jay Leno at the Bushnell May 1st.
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How deep do you have to dig before hitting a water, gas, or potentially deadly electrical line? It's 'Call Before You Dig Month' in Connecticut, so this morning at 6, John Voket will give you the '811' on why you need to call wherever and whenever you're digging much deeper than a few inches.
Do you juice? We'll help you 'rethink your drink' with the folks at Get Healthy CT - pouring on some good advice about the surprising variety of unhealthy juices - and juicing practices out there.
Then we'll bring in the superintendent of Connecticut's Technical High School System - talking cutting-edge workforce development and STEM training for the system's many sought-after graduates.
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What are some of the biggest misconceptions about the state's medical marijuana program? This morning at 6, John Voket and the award-winning For the People brings you a perspective on medical marijuana straight out of one of Connecticut's licensed dispensaries in the last of our four-part series 'Going to the Drugstore.'
Then we'll check in with the DEEP's Safe Boating Division to talk about pre-season safety concerns and a move to involve boaters in improving the environmental health of two major state waterways.
And did you know 2015 is the International Year of Soils? We'll go to a USDA scientist to talk about why the soil health movement is growing, and why healthy dirt is good for farmers and consumers alike.
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