• Gear Up: GCT CR-1 Carbon Fiber RV

    Brought to you by Cannondale Generators and Generac

    NAME:  GCT CR-1 Carbon Fiber RV

    WHAT DOES IT DO:   This unique camper is built completely from carbon fiber for reduced weight and more strength, and offers features like custom exterior lighting, marine-grade hardware, an interior filled with leather and carbon fiber, a large lounge area that doubles as a workstation, a walk-through master bath, and a flush-body design for enhanced maneuverability. Options include a smartphone control system, an integrated generator, a solar power system, a second awning

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  • A Hero Is Here

    Dakota Meyer, a veteran of the Marine Corps and the War in Afghanistan. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Battle of Ganjgalon September 8, 2009, in Kunar Province, Afghanistan. Meyer is the youngest living Medal of Honor recipient. 

    He is joined by Steve Zion, the owner of Toyota of Wallingford to talk about the US Chamber of Commerce Hire Our Heroes Employment Workshop today in Hamden at the Indoor Sports Center...and meet Dakota Meyer!

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  • Save Your Marraige

    Dr. Patty Ann on show 8:15-8:45am helping you out with your weird marraige issues. Call in: 203-882-9757 or 877-R-NICKEL Read More
  • What Are People Doing With Their Refunds?

    We sent Beth on a special assignment to talk to the people about what they plan on doing with their refunds. Listen at 7:30/7:45am

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  • A Moose on the Loose in CT

    Robert Klee with DEEP is on the show at 6:30am with news about the moose spotted in Southington on 84--and what you should do if you see it.

    Check out their website here for more info or you can call them 860-424-3330 if you have any questions about wildlife

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  • Chaz and AJ Video - Shaun the Intern's 80's Knowledge

    Ask him for coffee and you might get a beer, but Shaun the Intern knows his music. Today, he took on the Tribe's best 80's music questions in an impressive round of Chaz and AJ Shock Collar Trivia.

    PLR Videos

    Fox Videos

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  • FOX Blox: Tax Day

    You gotta pay 'em! It's Tax Day today!
    • Dire Straits – Money for Nothing
    • Pink Floyd – Money
    • Steve Miller Band – Take the Money and Run
    Image: Wikipedia
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  • Beer Mug: Ballistic IPA

    Name: Ballistic IPA   

    Brewery: Ale Asylum

    Location: Madison, Wisconsin

    Taste: Ale Asylum's take on the IPA style has all the bitterness you demand without making you feel like you’re sucking on a roll of nickels. That’s because they use Amarillo hops, which are delicious, and a proprietary hopping schedule, which is none of your business. Ballistic IPA is a sexy explosion of citrus hop bitterness in a world of muted blandness.

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  • Chaz and AJ Podcasts - 4/15/14

    Carol the Accountant was in studio to take last minute questions from the Tribe on tax day, Captain Morgan with the Branford Police called in to talk about the pit bull that attacked a 93 year old woman, and Shaun the Intern had all the answers this morning in Shock Collar Trivia. 

    PLR Podcasts HERE

    Fox Podcasts HERE

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  • Today in Classic Rock History 4-15-14

    The Taxman cometh

    The TICRH Video Playback - A classic Beatles animated cartoon "Taxman" from the 60's Read More
  • Gear Up: Smokestack Firepit

    Brought to you by Cannondale Generators and Generac

    NAME:  Smokestack Firepit

    WHAT DOES IT DO:   This unique outdoor burner stands 6.5 feet tall, and is made in Holland with Corten steel that's meant to oxidize with the elements over time, giving it an inviting copper color that will blend in great with naturally-colored seating and decorative elements.

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  • What Do You Think Of The Pitbull Attack in Branford

    A 93 year old woman in Branford was attacked by a pitbull that broke out of it's home and is going though surgery. 

    Michelle Douglas with The Refined Canine is on the show with her insight. Call in with your thoughts: 203-882-9757 or 877-R-NICKEL

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  • FOX Blox: Titanic

    It was 102 years ago today that the Titanic sank: Read More
  • Beer Mug: Saranac India Pale Ale

    Name: Saranac India Pale Ale

    Brewery: Matt Brewing Company

    Location: Utica, NY

    Taste:  A Hop lover's delight! In the India Pale Ale tradition, this brew is very hoppy in both aroma and flavor from the generous amounts of cascade hops we use in brewing. Look for a medium body and a golden straw color.

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  • Today in Classic Rock History 1-14-14

    Oh God...taxes are coming

    TICRH Video Playback..Steve Miller Live " Take The Money And Run " ( which essentialy the IRS does) TAXES DUE TOMORROW Read More