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  • AJ's Car of the Day '68 Mercury Cougar XR7-G 428 Cobra-Jet

    Car: Mercury Cougar XR7-G 428 Cobra-Jet

    Year: 1968

    What makes it special: The first generation Cougar finally gave Mercury its own "Pony car," and slotted between the Ford Mustang and the Ford Thunderbird, the Cougar would be the performance icon and eventually the icon for the Mercury name for several decades. The Cougar was available in base and XR-7 models, and only came in a two-door hardtop body style.

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  • Chaz and AJ Podcasts - 8/22/14

    Comedian Nikki Glaser was in studio getting hit on by AJ and drunk Pam, who started drinking the Chaz and AJ Orange Shandy during the show. Scott Vallely from Charter Oak Brewing Co. came on to talk about brewing the beer, Scot Haney shares the weekend forecast and talks about his relationship with Nikki, and heroic Tribe member Angelo Appi tells how he saved two women and a dog from a burning building. 

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  • Comedian Nikki Glaser In Studio!

    One of the biggest comedians right now, Nikki Glaser is with us all morning in studio, You gotta check her out at Foxwoods tonight and tomorrow night.

    Click here for your tickets

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  • Get Yourself A Chaz and AJ Beer!

    Founder/President/Brew Master of Charter Oak Brewing Company Scott Vallely was on earlier to tell you how you can pick up some of the Chaz and AJ Orange Shandy that Pam has been funneling all morning. Here's a link to locations.

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    Jessica Alba's likeness has been committed to at least four action figures at this point: the ‘Dark Angel’ doll, the ‘Fantastic Four’ figure, at least two ‘Sin City 2‘ mini-Albas — but that doesn’t mean that the actress keeps the little hers around the house. In fact, Alba keeps them where they belong. In storage. Away from her family. Considering how racy her latest doll is, that’s probably a good idea. Alba hit ‘Conan‘ to chat about the latest ‘Sin City’ feature — the long-titled ‘Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For,'and the host couldn’t resist asking about the latest Alba doll to make it shelves. As the actress plays a murderous stripper in the film, it’s not too shocking that this one isn’t for kids. It’s also just not really for Alba.



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  • Chaz and AJ Video - Ally the Intern Shock Collar Trivia

    Chaz and AJ's new intern Ally has a lot to learn about classic rock still. The Tribe show her why that's important during Shock Collar Trivia.

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  • Beer Mug: Streetcar Kolsch

    Name: Streetcar Kolsch
    Brewery: Avondale Brewing Company
    Location: Birmingham, Alabama
    Taste: The Streetcar Kolsch is a German style ale that has flavor and aroma profiles much like a lager or a pilsner. This beer is our lightest and most sessionable brew in our line up. The Streetcar’s engine is going full steam and packed with flavor. Our Kolsch is nicely balanced with low hop bitterness and a light malt backbone. This beer has a medium body, a fizzy head and a slightly cloudy straw yellow hue. The Streetcar Kolsch is low in alcohol, bursting with flavor and extremely refreshing which makes this brew perfect for any occasion.
    What makes it special? Between the age of the horse drawn buggy and the modern three-car garage, there was a time when the streetcar was the greatest invention of the day. Every day businessmen and school children alike would grace the No. 41 streetcar to and from Avondale, making stops at Avondale Park, Lakeview, and Forest Park.  Read More
  • AJ's Car of the Day '70 Chevrolet Nova SS396

    Car: Chevrolet Nova SS 396

    Year: 1970

    What makes it special: The Chevrolet Nova was the top model in the Chevy II lineup through 1968 before the Chevy II nameplate was dropped. Nova was then the nameplate for the 1969 through 1979 models. The 1970 Chevrolet Nova continued as the entry-level Chevrolet and little changed in appearance compared to the 1969 version, the one distinction being a new egg crate-patterned grille. Like the 1969 model, the 1970 Chevrolet Nova was offered only as a two-door coupe or four-door sedan.

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  • Chaz and AJ Podcasts - 8/21/14

    Wayne Carini from "Chasing Classic Cars" was in studio to help the Tribe with their car valuations, and told a great story about meeting Jerry Seinfeld. Also, Tom Nicholas, CEO of the very first legal medicinal marijuana dispensary was on the phone, Ally the Intern plays her first round of Shock Collar Trivia, and VP Joe Biden audio from his visit to the state yesterday. 

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  • Comedian Hannibal Buress On Show

    Hannibal is on to talk about performing at this weekend's Oddball Comedy Fest. Tickets still available, click here for schedule and to purchase your tickets

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  • NBC's George Colli Talking About Meeting The VP

    George Colli, one of the only reporters allowed in the very important meeting with VP Joe Biden in CT. 

    Learn more here

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  • Ask Wayne Carini Your Car Question

    Wayne Carini, host of Velocity's Chasing Classic Cars is on the show and is taking your car questions. Thinking of buying a clasic car, and need some guidance? Call in. Wondering if your classic car is worth something? Call in. 877-R-NICKEL

    And watch the Season 7 Premier of the Chasing Classic Cars on Tuesday, September 23rd at 10pm on Velocity! And contact Wayne at F40 Motorsports in Portland CT

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    Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx have spent so much time hanging out with country artists for a Motley Crue tribute album that they know how to write the classic country song. "Nashville Outlaws: A Tribute to Motley Crue," was released Tuesday, with Nashville's country crooners welcoming the teased-hair, leather-clad metal band whose rock anthems helped define the '80s. The standout performances sound very little like the electric guitar heavy originals, such as when LeAnn Rimes sings "Smokin' in the Boys Room" with a horn section or when The Mavericks bring their Cuban country beat to "Dr. Feelgood." Big & Rich, Darius Rucker, Gretchen Wilson and Justin Moore also appear on the album.


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  • Beer Mug: Jagged Edge

    Name: Jagged Edge
    Brewery: Black Diamond Brewing Co.
    Location: Concord, California
    Taste: Our take on a "west coast style" IPA, Jagged Edge is big and hoppy, yet it's also extremely well balanced, and surprisingly easy to reach for another.
    We "first wort hop" with Columbus, and use Simcoe for flavor additions. The finishing hop additions include Columbus, Centennial, and Simcoe. Columbus is pungent with sweet orange aromas and flavor. Centennial adds floral notes along with additional citrus. Simcoe add a nice pine like flavor and aroma. These hops were chosen for their flavors and their moderate cohumulone content, which means they are bitter but not overwhelmingly bitter in large quantities. Pale malts are complemented by caramalt and light munich malts, which both enhance the malty sweetness and color and work to balance the substantial hop bill.
    What makes it special:  Jagged Edge IPA has a earned a devoted following amongst hop-heads; super flavorful, it's intense yet deceptively smooth for a 7 % beer.  Read More
  • Today in Classic Rock History 8-20-14

    TICRH Video Playback- Stones "Angie" live MSG 2003 Read More