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AJ's Car of the Day: Thursday, June 6th

CAR: Buick Century Gran Sport (Stage 1 455)

YEAR: 1973

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WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL: One of the only cars available from General Motors with an available 455 V8 when other companies began to downsize cubic inches due to emissions regulations, insurance and gasoline crunch.

WHAT MADE IT FAMOUS: You could order one of two optional Stage-1 455 V8’s (a 250 HP, 4-barrel with single exhaust, and 270 HP, 4-barrel with dual exhaust).

WHY YOU WOULD WANT ONE: Only 700 were made with the Stage-1 455 V8, a majority with the 3-speed Turbo-Hydramatic 440 Transmission, and a handful with an available 4-speed manual transmission, which makes them kind of rare.

FUN FACT: It was Buick’s last stand to keep the big cubic inch Muscle Cars alive when the rest of the world was looking at economy cars.

Photos from flickriver.com and flickr.com

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