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AJ's Car of the Day: 1971 Mercury Cougar 429 Cobra-Jet

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Car: Mercury Cougar 429 Cobra-Jet (Second generation)

Year: 1971

What makes it special: It's the second generation of Mercury's Cougar model, now restyled with four exposed headlights as opposed to the famous "disappearing headlights" of the prior years (starting with the original in 1967.)

What made it famous: The optional XR-7 and the GT packages, the center grille piece was now larger, the rear featured a semi-fastback with a "flying buttress" sail-panel, and the convertible model remained available.

Why I would want one: You could get anything you wanted on a base Cougar model, like a 375 hp, 429 Cobra-Jet V8, "select-shift" automatic trans, Ram Air, posi- traction rear, air conditioning, etc., which also means that there are original "sleeper models" in existence.

Fun fact: Only 29 429 cu in V8 "base" Cougars were built in 1971 (according to hemmings.com), and that spells rare collectible street machine to me...gotta have it.

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Photos from hemmings.com

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