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Chaz and AJ Weblog - 6/12/13
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Dr. Gale Ridge - Assistant Agricultural Scientist talked about the Cicada search, and which towns actually do have the Brood II.

Brian Averna - Former Sara Lee Executive Chef, was in to talk to Dr. Patty Ann about his hilarious encounters with people who've enraged him. 

Dr. Patty Ann - Relationship Expert in to offer advice to Brian Averna, can she help him to better control his temper?

Jason Page - What to know about the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals, plus the Patriots signing Tim Tebow.


This Sunday we honor Dear Ol' Dad on Father's Day…

TOP 10: Father's Day Gifts Dad Doesn't Want:

1) A Gym Membership - (Unless he's into fitness) He spent a lot of time and money building that "gut"...why you wanna wreck his work?
2) Department Store Body Product Packages - Gift boxes of aftershave, cologne, deodorant & body wash are boring. Your dad has his own cologne. So skip it.
3) A Tie - Great. Something for work. Exciting....not many men wear ties to the office anymore. Stop getting ideas from watching "Mad Men".
4) Plain Ol' Domestic Beer - Getting a domestic six-pack for Dad is like an any-day scenario. There’s nothing all that memorable about a few cans of familiar beer. Instead, put down the 12-pack of Pabst and look for something more exciting.
5) Grilling Tools - Guys do love to barbecue, but modern dads have developed other cooking skills. So while Father’s Day falls right in the middle of grilling season, it doesn’t mean he’s dying for a new metal spatula.
6) A Photo Cube - Nice. An everyday reminder of dependents, college tuitions and weddings to pay for.
7) Novelty Clothing - You wouldn't wear this, why should he? Give Dad the gift of keeping his dignity.
8) Car Accessories/Supplies - Two gifts Dad's hate: Car seat covers and Motor Oil. Try again.
9) Dad Hygiene Products - Nose Trimmers, Nail Clippers, Hair color. Not a Dad gift. If he wants to do something about his appearance, he'll get to it.
10) The Famous "Coupon Book" - Good for the thing's you'll never be around for or find time to do.


Q: This was found to be the most sold item on ebay according to a survey. What is the item?
A: Foot Massagers.

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