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Chaz and AJ Weblog - 6/14/13
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Grace Randolph - host/critic of Beyond the Trailer talked about "Superman: Man of Steel" and also "This Is the End," plus drops some hints of more movies this season.

Jamie Calli Mascia - Channel 3 WFSB's producer of Better CT called in to ask Chaz back to co-host the show for another go around with Kara Sundlun.

Steve Depino - Friend of the missing New Milford resident Eric Langlois, looking for help and donations with the ongoing search, you can "Help Find Eric Langlois" on Facebook and with donations, (917) 886-2147 & (203) 648-0873


Father's Day is Sunday...time to honor Dad with those pearls of wisdom he would dispense throughout our formative years.

Top 10 - "Dad-isms"

1) "When I was your age..." - "Back in my day"...
2) "I'm not made of money!" - "Money doesn't grow on trees"
3) "If you don't stop crying... I'll give you something to cry about!"
4) "If your friends jumped off a bridge/cliff/building... would you?"
5) "Shut that door... do you live in a barn?"
6) "This is going to hurt me a lot more than it's gonna hurt you!"
7) "I'll tell you why... because I said so. That is why!"
8) "Don't you make me stop this car - pull car over..."
9) "If I told you once... I've told you a thousand times..."
10) "Go ask your mother.."

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