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Chaz and AJ Weblog - 6/21/13
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Hal Sparks - actor/comedian/musician, joined the crew this morning with his bright humor, check him out live at Marisa's in Trumbull and also the Cabaret Theatre at the Mohegan Sun.
Everything was going fine, until the bill came. But it wasn't the amount on the check that angered Joseph Gibson, who had stopped at a St. Louis sports bar to chow down. It was a line on the special order section for his young son that set him off. Under "1 -- Wing Sauce" the receipt read: "F---in Needy Kids." Denny Domachowski, the general manager of Friendly's Sports Bar and Grill, told CNN the waitress meant it as a joke and intended to delete it before handing the bill to Gibson. She's been reprimanded, he said. "I apologized to them, and he called later and I apologized again," Domachowski said.The restaurant has no children's menu so the waitress had to manually type in the boy's order of one chicken leg. "The incident shouldn't have happened, and I made sure she understands that," he said. "She didn't mean to offend the gentleman and his son. She had a good experience with them as customers. She was just in a hurry and forgot to take that off." But he conceded. "I wouldn't want anyone calling my granddaughter, who is four, that."
Top 10: Server Pet Peeves
1) Snapping Fingers / waving hand or money to get attention
2) Separate checks / splitting check (with some paying cash, others paying credit)
3) Drunk patrons that don't know their alcohol limitations
4) Unruly children
5) Insufficient / absent gratuity
6) Gabbing on cell phone during ordering
7) Overstaying at your table (when you're done, leave-make room for others)
8) No reservation with a large group
9) Rude customers
10) Not mentioning food allergies/dietary needs prior to ordering

Q: In a study, this was the second thing people complained about regarding a sleep habit that they wanted their mate to quit doing. What was it?
A: Eating in Bed            ...number one was snoring.

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