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Chaz and AJ Weblog - 6/26/13
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Kim Lucey - WFSB CH 3 News reporter, on the phone gave chilling details about being caught in the middle of the Willimantic shoot-out yesterday.
Rowena White - Local Sales Manager of Special Events, in the studio chatting about registering for the 2013 CT Striper Challenge and it's $10,000 prize for this tournament happening on the weekend.
Dr. Patty Ann - relationship expert, offered her advice on people with "Pet Peeves" and why they drive us crazy.
Ryan Della Vecchia - a 13 year old who want's to be a Radio D.J., he and his mom Danielle stopped by with cupcakes, and an open mind.

 What began Tuesday morning as a reported oil spill at a North End home, turned into the cleanup of what police called a backyard junkyard and the arrest of its operator. Aside from car parts and trash containers filled with logs and propane tanks, Richard Domogala's Cumberland Drive backyard contained equipment used to melt down aluminum, authorities said. "It seemed to be a junkyard operation,'' said city police and fire spokesman William Kaempffer.
Top 10: Ways To Make Your Neighbors Hate You.
1) Play music really loud till all hours of the night.
2) Keep all kinds of junk strewn around your property.
3) Fight with your spouse alot, screaming and yelling no matter what time of day.
4) Keep your lawn unmowed and your bushes untrimmed.
5) Let your dog bark all the time.
6) Throw parties, with guests that park all over the neighborhood.
7) Let your dog do his business on everyone's lawn.
8) Leave your children unsupervised, let them run amok.
9) Borrow stuff...never return it.
10) Put up a fence that's partially on their property.

Q: In America... We eat 70 million pounds of these in a year. What are they?
A: Tater Tots.

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