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Eric Clapton in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London - May 20, 2009

Cream Say “Goodbye”

Nothing last’s forever. Not even for the world’s first – and most successful – supergroup. Cream released their appropriately titled final album “Goodbye” 50 years ago today, February 15, 1969. Allan looks back in today’s Classic Rock Calendar… Image: Landmark / PR PhotosContinue Reading

The Heartbreaker Tour: Heart with Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience at The Cruzan Amphitheatre

Heart’s Valentine’s Day Gift

They were already big in Canada, but Heart chose a most appropriate date to release their debut in the United States – Valentine’s Day. On this date, February 14, 1976, we finally got “Dreamboat Annie.” Allan looks back in today’s Classic Rock Calendar… Image: A. Gilbert / PR PhotosContinue Reading

Brit Floyd in Concert at Campo Pequeno in Lisbon - December 13, 2012

Pink Floyd’s Rock Record Sets A Record

Some albums have real staying power. That was the case for Pink Floyd when after 8 years, they set the record for longest-running rock album on the Billboard 200 chart on this date, February 13, 1981…and that was only halfway during their historic run. Allan looks back in today’s Classic Rock Calendar… Image: Rui M.…Continue Reading

Rush in Concert at Charter One Pavilion in Chicago - August 23, 2010

Rush’s Big Move

The progressive bands of the ’70s had to make a change as the ’80s began. Rush would embrace new sounds and become superstars with their 8th album “Moving Pictures,” released on this date, February 12, 1981. Allan looks back in today’s Classic Rock Calendar… Image: Evan J. Thomas / PR PhotosContinue Reading

Carole King in Concert at The Auditorium Theatre - July 15, 2004

Carole King Weaves Her “Tapestry”

She wrote some of the biggest hits of the ’60s for others, but her songs of the ’70s she kept for herself. Carole King became a superstar when she released “Tapestry” this week in 1971. Allan looks back in today’s Classic Rock Calendar… Image: Daniel Locke / PR PhotosContinue Reading

The Who in Concert at the Tweeter Center - August 24, 2002

The Hit Written To Please One Critic

It was never a part of the original plan, but in an effort to get a positive review from one music critic, as a goof Pete Townshend wrote a hit song about pinball. The Who recorded that song – “Pinball Wizard” – 50 years ago today on February 7, 1969. Allan looks back in today’s…Continue Reading

Book and computer technology in library

Big Changes Coming To The Norwalk Public Library

Last week, the Norwalk Public Library made a big announcement about the future of the library. Executive Director Christine Bradley stopped by First Thing Fairfield County to chat about it, and also why libraries are “having a moment” right now and what else the library has in store for 2019! Image: noipornpan / iStock /…Continue Reading

Peter Wolf with Super Soul Banned in Concert at Damrosch Park in New York City - August 3, 2018

The J. Geils Band’s Double #1

It took them 15 years and 10 albums, but the J. Geils Band hit the top of the charts twice at the same time – they had the #1 single and album on this date, February 6, 1982. Allan looks back in today’s Classic Rock Calendar… Image: Michael Sherer / PRPhotos.comContinue Reading

Def Leppard, Europe and Whitesnake in Concert at Multiusos Fontes do Sar in Santiago de Compostela - June 28, 2013

Def Leppard’s Breakthrough

After two albums that didn’t make an impact, Def Leppard went back into the studio and added digital effects, changing their music and making them Top 40 stars overnight. “Pyromania” would enter the Billboard chart on this date, February 5, 1983, where it would stay for the next 116 weeks. Allan looks back in today’s…Continue Reading

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