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The 9th Annual Rock On The Range - Day 2

Jim Norton Is Coming To Connecticut

This weekend, Jim Norton is coming to Vinnie Brand’s Stress Factory comedy club in Bridgeport. First Thing Fairfield County’s Allan Lamberti chats with him about the current state of comedy, performing at roasts and his cameo in one of the biggest movies of all time! Image: Daniel Locke / PR PhotosContinue Reading

Billy Joel during one of his sold out shows at Seminole Hard Rock Live, Hollywood, Florida - January 4, 2009

Billy Breaks Through

After having tremendous success in the late ’70s, Billy Joel continued to evolve his music and image as the ’80s began. He was playing bigger venues, and needed a new style to play to larger audiences. When he released his 7th studio album “Glass Houses” it quickly reached number one on this date, June 14,…Continue Reading


The Cars Keep Going

Sometimes a band hits it big, and then fades away. In the case of the Cars, they hit it big, and their debut didn’t fade away, even though they were ready for the followup! But they maintained their momentum when they released “Candy-O” on this date, June 13, 1979. Allan looks back in today’s Classic…Continue Reading

Keith Richards "Life" Book Signing at Waterstones in London on November 4, 2010

Keith Richards Writes “Satisfaction” In His Sleep

Some call it the most definitive riff in rock and roll. And if Keith Richards didn’t have a tape recorder by his bed, we may have never heard it. But on June 12, 1965, the world heard “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” for the very first time. Allan looks back in today’s Classic Rock Calendar……Continue Reading


Janis Takes The Stage For The First Time

Although she would only be a star for a few years before her untimely passing, Janis Joplin had to initially take that stage for the very first time. Something she did with Big Brother and the Holding Company on this date, June 11, 1966. Allan looks back in today’s Classic Rock Calendar… Image: PR PhotosContinue Reading

SXSW 2005- Day 2

Led Zeppelin Wins

It took nearly three decades for the first truly great Led Zeppelin live release, but when they finally put out “How The West Was Won,” fans knew it was great instantly, and it debuted at #1 – a feat it achieved on this date, June 8, 2003. Allan looks back in today’s Classic Rock Calendar……Continue Reading

Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010 - June 26, 2010

The Stones Get Another Guitarist…Again

After replacing the late Brian Jones, Mick Taylor played on some of the band’s most iconic albums. But after five years, he had enough. After holding auditions, the band settled on Faces’ guitarist Ron Wood – and on his 28th birthday, June 1, 1975, he took the stage with the band for the very first…Continue Reading

Sylvester Stallone

The Song Everyone Still Has On Their Workout Playlist

“Rocky III” would end up being one of the biggest films of 1982. But a song from the soundtrack would end up being even more iconic. It all began when Survivor released “Eye of the Tiger” on this date, May 31, 1982. Allan looks back in today’s Classic Rock Calendar… Image: Tom Walck / PR…Continue Reading

Glastonbury Festival 2011 - Day 4

A Fairfield County Musical Couple Weds

Most marriages involving musicians don’t last. Despite their many ups – and very public downs – one has survived the past 26 years! Today we wish a very happy anniversary to New Canaan’s Paul Simon and Edie Brickell in the Classic Rock Calendar… Image: Landmark / PR PhotosContinue Reading

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