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Dancing in the Streets (of Greenwich)

Later this week, it'll officially be Summer. With Summer, comes weddings - a lot of them. Every few years (usually 3-4, like clockwork after you graduate college), you'll find yourself invited to a preposterous number of them. With weddings, comes the responsibility of finding a date, or meeting someone to spend time at the wedding with.

To maximize your enjoyment at the wedding, you can't just sit at the table whenever the music plays. Granted, you don't have to be the first one on the dance floor, but at some point, you're gonna have to get out there. I'm not just talking when you hear "Party Rock Anthem" or the "Electric Slide" - anyone can jump and dance to those. Occasionally, there will slow songs. Even songs that require legitimate, dancing - with a partner. This can be intimidating at first, especially if, like me, you don't know how. Fear not, Connecticut, because help is here at Arthur Murray Grande Ballroom in Greenwich.

My girlfriend has been wanting to take dance lessons for some time. The dance lessons are for me, mostly because she can dance, and I can't. We made our way down to the studio - right off the Avenue in Greenwich. As you walk up the steps to the second floor, you hear the music the entire way up - and you enter the studio floor as soon as you reach the top step. Any number of four instructors are teaching couples or singles various levels of a number of dance styles - meringue, cha cha, salsa, tango, even country western. It's a completely active and interactive social experience from the start.

We experienced the beginner lesson, where we got to learn the basic mechanics of several of the simpler dances. Because the lessons are personalized, you go at your speed - you're not rushed through if you don't have the steps down. It's not like a group class at the gym, where beginners stay in the back of the room until they get caught up. This is a very comfortable experience, while also building strength and cardio.

So, the real question was - how did I do? Shockingly, I don't have two left feet, so I wasn't a total embarrassment. But, with the way you're taught, you pick up the steps real fast. Now, the hard part, of course, is remembering them.

Plus, you also choose what you want to learn, based on your objectives - if you want to dance for health, they'll tailor a program to that goal. If you're engaged and want to learn a first dance for your big wedding day, they excel at that. Groups, couples, singles, even kids - they really offer something for everyone. Plus, they throw a lot of fun, social events every month, so you get to meet those at your skill level, those that have been doing it for a while, or some who are just starting out just like you did. The community experience is fantastic.

Check out how easy it is to pick up:

Learn more yourself - you can visit the studio at 6 Lewis Street in Greenwich, or visit their site at ArthurMurrayGreenwich.com or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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