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Originally From: Hamden

Formal Education: Graduate of the “other Yale” Southern CT State University

Prior Work Experience: extremely successful radio sales rep, waitress that snacked off your plate in the kitchen at Applebee’s in Hamden and Westport Bertucci’s (weird how they are both out of business), beach lifeguard who used too much Sun-In in Wildwood NJ, helped find your cd’s at the Music Box record store before ipods were invented, camp counselor that was mistaken as a camper at Camp Hazen, and made your popcorn at the former Showcase Cinemas North Haven.

Favorite Whale: Narwal

Extra-Curricular Activities: dogs, snowboarding, Blue trail at Sleeping Giant, learning Spanish, trying to train for this dang ½ marathon, stand-up comedy (not me doing it, heck no, just watching it)  

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