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Stuff You Should Know - 6/13/13

First off - this car looks amazing - mostly due to the fact that it looks like the Batmobile. It's coming to Lime Rock Park next month - the DeltaWing - it's lighter than an IndyCar, and less powerful, but it uses less fuel and actually achieves the same speeds. Plus, it's a two-seater - weird, but cool - it'll be in Connecticut Saturday, July 6.

Speaking of cars - as you well know, nothing is worse than waiting at the DMV. DMV employees? Perfectly pleasant. It's just the waiting for my registration renewal, only to find I've been in the wrong line all along - just terrible. Connecticut understands our pain - they've been nice enough to provide us with this - http://www.dmvselfservice.ct.gov/NemoService.aspx - now you can check wait times before you go. Be warned - these are estimates, so don't blame me if they're wrong.

Finally - I'm beyond super-excited (no pun intended) to see "Man of Steel." It looks great - it's from Christopher Nolan (has only made one lousy film - the last "Dark Knight" - all his other work is stellar) and Zack Snyder ("Watchmen" is better than you remember) - and earlier this week when the reviews were coming out, it was supposed to be great...but now I'm worried. At the time of this posting, it's only tracking 57% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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