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Grilled cheese sandwich close up

PODCAST – Wednesday, July 15: Mustard On A Grilled Cheese? Y/N?

A simple discussion yesterday about grilled cheese preferences turned into a big debate, when Chaz said he likes to add mustard. Today, Chef Chris, Diana from Melt Mobile, and Tribe members all called in to vote “yay” or “nay” on mustard in grilled cheese sandwiches. (0:00) Guilford Police Lt. Tim Bernier was on to discuss…Continue Reading


PODCAST – Monday, July 6: Chaz And AJ Are Back From Vacation!

Dumb Ass News – A cat survives a 12-minute, hot water cycle in a washing machine (0:00) Senator Blumenthal was on to talk about his cheeseburger preferences, then answered some serious questions from the Tribe about their stimulus checks (5:26) Luke Yoder, personal trainer at The EDGE Fitness was on to help everyone shed some…Continue Reading

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