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Eric Clapton in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London - May 20, 2009

Cream Reunites! (Classic Rock Calendar – May 2, 2005)

When Cream broke up in 1968, a reunion never seemed possible. Other than a performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993, nothing materialized. Until May 2, 2005, when they took the stage for four nights at London’s Royal Albert Hall for the historic reunion. Allan looks back in today’s Classic Rock…Continue Reading


Rock Photographer Mark Weiss

Mark Weiss has created iconic images of Bon Jovi, Freddie Mercury, Bruce Springsteen, Ozzy Osbourne and dozens more. He’s teamed up with Steve Lacy, Fox 5 New York City anchorman, and turned them into signature, one-of-a-kind screen-printed canvas artworks – part of the “Good Times, Big Hair” exhibit – opening Thursday evening, May 16th at…Continue Reading


Bassem Youssef

He went from being a heart surgeon to the “Jon Stewart of the Arab world” before being exiled from Egypt. He’ll tell his story at Vinnie Brand’s Stress Factory comedy club May 2-4 for their first anniversary party. Bassem Youssef stopped by First Thing Fairfield County to talk about it!Continue Reading

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