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NYC Pizzaria Pizza Pie

PODCAST – Tuesday, September 15: Best Pizza In Connecticut

Dumb Ass News – A man live-streamed himself pooping on Nancy Pelosi’s driveway, and his insane laugh after doing the deed is a perfect soundbyte for a movie villain. (0:00) Gorman Bechard is a pizza snob who made a movie, “Pizza, A Love Story.” He was on with Chaz and AJ this morning to discuss…Continue Reading

park district football and soccer fields ready for game day

PODCAST – Tuesday, September 8: CT High School Football Season Cancelled, AJ Vs. Ashley In Music Trivia, And Is The Beefalo Still On The Loose?

Mayor Jay Moran of Manchester talks about the Manchester Road Race going fully virtual this year, after originally saying that they would have some racers in person. (0:00) Connecticut High School football has been canceled. Glenn Lungarini from the CIAC was on to explain how they arrived at that decision, and Cameron Luciano, a senior…Continue Reading

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