Keith | Weekdays 2PM-7PM

What is your favorite spot in Connecticut?

I’m really into malls (because I’m from the ’80s I guess?) but the SoNo Collection and the Westfarms Mall in Farmington.

How long have you worked for the FOX? What was your first job here?

I started here in 2010 and have bounced around in various roles and now host afternoons from 2p-7pm.

What makes your station/show great?

95.9 The FOX is one of the most unique stations in the country. You won’t hear a station like ours in Hartford or New York or really anywhere! I love the music of the ’90s and that’s really our bread and butter.

Favorite band or artist of all time?

Without a doubt, it’s U2. They created two absolutely perfect records. They have 3 other albums that are an easy 4 out of 5. And even the albums that aren’t excellent are still extremely interesting. A band that reinvented itself over and over again from 1980 to today.

What is the best concert you’ve ever seen?

This is a tough one. U2 after September 11th in Baltimore was a pretty incredible experience. Rage Against the Machine in a sweaty mess of an auditorium in the summer of 1996 is right up there. Pearl Jam a few days after Kurt Cobain’s death in 1994 at the Boston Garden was also something special.

TV show or Movie that you think someone should know about?

First 3 seasons of Arrested Development are a must. And if you haven’t seen or at least revisited 1985’s Fletch…you should.

If you didn’t do radio, what would you do?

I’d love to review movies for a living. I’m not sure that job pays anymore though.

A skill you wish you had but sadly don’t?

Dance. Man do I suck at dancing.

If you are on death row and you have a final meal. What is it?

Shrimp Cocktail. Wedge Salad. Bone In Filet. Cheese Fries. Onion Rings. Molten Chocolate Lava Cake.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself

I go on a trip every year where I go to 3 different cities to try their best steaks.