ROCK FEED: Updates & Dave Grohl Being Awesome (As Always)

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ROCK FEED: Updates & Dave Grohl Being Awesome (As Always)

With the boredom from the quarantine, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters recently took to Instagram and told a story of how Prince and himself once had a secret jam session! Even rock legends get starstruck! You can read more about it right Here!

Speaking of how awesome Dave Grohl is, he had also joined many other artists such as Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) & Elton John for a live “In Your Living Room” concert back on April 6th. Here is a clip of Grohl playing “My Hero” from the session! You can see more performances and find out more about the event right here!

An in some other news, drummer for Motley Crue, Tommy Lee is claiming that the Summer 2020 Stadium Tour is still on! Adding that a new solo album of his will be available sometime this summer! You can read more about it in his words right here! We hope everything will be better by then so we can get back to rocking out and not worry about concerts being postponed or cancelled!

Stay healthy and safe out there everyone!