ROCK FEED: News & Updates!

ROCK FEED: News & Updates!

More on Ozzy Osbourne. Ozzy claims himself to be “The luckiest man in the world” when reflecting on his latest album “Ordinary Man”. We couldn’t agree more seeing as Ozzy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease back in 2003, recently overcame a recent health issue & is still touring at 71 years old! Ozzy also discussed his recent tour and what is to come after, and you can read more of his interview right here.

Ticketmaster took to social media recently to clarify their refund policy. They had changed the refund policy not far before the COVID-19 outbreak to include refunds for cancellations, postponements or cancelled. Now, Ticketmaster is refusing refunds, claiming that they are only to be given out to cancelled concerts, not postponed ones. You can see more of their statement and the full story right here!

Stone Sour recently released an unheard demo version of “Through Glass”. Josh Rand (guitarist of Stone Sour) recently said that it is the only thing to come from Stone Sour for a while. There is no timetable for a new album or tour anytime soon Rand claims. So this unreleased demo might be the only thing to hold Stone Sour fans over for the time being. You can hear the demo version of “Through Glass” right here and read the rest of Josh Rand’s interview right here.

While we are on the subject of Corey Taylor related bands; Slipknot has come out with their own brand of Whiskey that’ll be on sale for the first time starting tomorrow. No. 9 Iowa (name of the whiskey) was voted best celebrity of 2019 by Forbes. You can read the article right here

You can alo order yourself a bottle of Slipknots whiskey at their site right here.

Lastly, more cancellations are flooding in due to Coronavirus. Now including the cancellation of Wacken Open Air Festival in Germany. Many other events are being postponed or cancelled and unfortunately, some speculate that concerts are unlikely to return until 2021. California governor Gavin Newson recently spoke on the matter which you can read about right here.