ROCK FEED: Weekend Updates!

ROCK FEED: Weekend Updates!

Yesterday, the One World Together At Home concert took place online. It was a digital concert to gather donations and help support healthcare workers & those working the frontlines during the pandemic. Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day was one of many artists who participated and you can see his performance of “Wake Me Up When September Ends” right here! Also below are performances from Eddie Vedder & The Rolling Stones from the same show!

Robert Plant donated money to a company that makes/provides scrubs and protective equipment to healthcare workers. You can read more about his generous donation right here!

As of May 1st, Ticketmaster will offer refunds to postponed shows. You can still hold onto tickets and wait for rescheduled shows, but if that isn’t your thing, you can always visit and get a refund starting May 1st. You can find out more about it all right here.

Evanescence will release a new album this coming Friday. Those who Pre-save the album (You can do that right here) will be entered into a small contest. Fifty people will be chosen to hear the song “Wasted On You” preformed by Amy Lee, live on a Zoom call.

Danny Carey (drummer of Tool) recently spoke out, stating that there may be a new Tool EP in the works. The members of the band have been busy writing music during this downtime, and hope that a worthy EP will come out of it. You can read more about it right here

You can also see a bit of Danny Carey’s interview below.