ROCK FEED: Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews & Ozzy

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ROCK FEED: Foo Fighters, Dave Matthews & Ozzy

Seeing as we found out the situation of COVID-19 being started was likely passed from a bat to a human, none other than Ozzy Osbourne decided to sell a bat-themed “F*** Coronavirus” shirt & mask. Ozzy is extremely talented musician and is known for a lot of crazy thing’s he has done on tours, but he will probably always be recognized for biting the head off of a bat at a live concert back on January 20th of 1982. As we all know (or should know if your an Ozzy fan), a fan had thrown the bat on stage and Ozzy had thought the bat was fake, and the rest is history. So what better way to express your frustration with the Coronavirus and bats than with an awesome Ozzy shirt. The shirt also comes with a mask with the same decor that is on the shirt, but be sure to shop now, as the sale for these specific items will only be for 72 hours! Check the merchandise out at Ozzy’s site, right here! There is also a recent interview Ozzy gave to The Los Angeles Daily News about the shirts/masks right here.

BBC Radio has recently had multiple UK artists come together to cover The Foo Fighters song “Times Like These”, and even invited Dave Grohl & Taylor Hawkins to perform the song as well. You can download the tune, or donate at the BBC website right here.

Awesome news for you Dave Matthews Band fans, as the band will preform live tonight at 6:20EST for Earth Day. You can see the full show right here tonight, or check out more details on the bands Facebook page!