PODCAST – Monday, July 6: Chaz And AJ Are Back From Vacation!

Dumb Ass News – A cat survives a 12-minute, hot water cycle in a washing machine (0:00)

Senator Blumenthal was on to talk about his cheeseburger preferences, then answered some serious questions from the Tribe about their stimulus checks (5:26)

Luke Yoder, personal trainer at The EDGE Fitness was on to help everyone shed some BBQ weight from the Fourth of July (20:07)

Dumb Ass News – A woman falls into the Grand Canyon while trying to take a picture (30:53)

Dan was working at a pizza shop when he noticed a house across the street was on fire. He jumped up to help with an incredible rescue effort of a woman in a wheelchair and several pets. He explained the whole ordeal to Chaz and AJ (37:29)