PODCAST – Friday, July 10: Fun Facts, It’s All About AJ, Boss Keith Hates the Beach

In Dumb Ass News, a stranger’s body was in mom’s casket at the funeral. (0:00)

Fun Fact Friday! Chaz and AJ asked the Tribe to share the useless and entertaining facts they know. Ashley had a hard time with her letters, AJ talks about stop signs, and we learn about the color of carrots. (7:55)

AJ has an innate ability to make any conversation about himself, even a bluefish tournament, or Ashley’s grandmother’s house. (18:32)

In the second installment of Dumb Ass News, a French baker bakes bread using female urine. (30:37)

Boss Keith hates the beach. Or maybe it’s just sand? He was in to give his Top 5 things he hates about the God damned beach. (33:37)