Throwback Concert: Extreme at Toad’s Place 1995

Throwback Concert: Extreme at Toad’s Place 1995

This weekend we celebrate Nuno Bettencourt’s birthday! The lead guitarist for the Boston rock band Extreme celebrates his 54th birthday on September 20th.

To celebrate, we look back at when Extreme came to New Haven in 1995 to support their newest album “Waiting For The Punchline.” After the tour ended, Nuno and singer Gary Cherone both left Extreme. This lead to the band’s breakup. Nuno left to purse a solo career while Cherone joined Van Halen as their new lead singer. The band would later regroup in 2004.



Tour: Waiting For The Punchline

Special Guest: Flesh

March 15, 1995

Toad’s Place in New Haven, Connecticut


  1. Warheads
  2. Get The Funk Out
  3. Kid Ego
  4. Hip Today
  5. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
  6. Cupid’s Dead
  7. Midnight Express
  8. Am I Ever Gonna Change
  9. Cynical
  10. Drum Solo
  11. Play With Me
  12. Unconditionally / Stop The World / Rest In Peace / Tragic Comic / More Than Words / Unconditionally (reprise)
  13. Hole Hearted
  14. Naked
  15. Decadence Dance
  16. No Respect (encore)



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