Throwback Concert: Pearl Jam at The XFINITY Theatre 1996

Throwback Concert: Pearl Jam at The XFINITY Theatre 1996

It’s safe to say Pearl Jam will never forget their first time in Connecticut. It was 24 years ago this month a riot ensued at the end of Pearl Jam’s sold out 1996 concert at The XFINITY Theatre (then known as The Meadows Music Theatre). According to the Hartford Courant, Hartford Police arrested 30 people and ejected 78 people from the venue after fans tried to rush the stage. An ugly scene, no doubt. The incident even made MTV News:

Today we look back at the show itself, which for Pearl Jam fans, was simply spectacular. Pearl Jam hit the road in support of its fourth studio album, No Code.


Pearl Jam

Tour: No Code North American Tour 1996

Special Guest: Fastbacks

October 2, 1996

The XFINITY Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut


  1. Long Road
  2. Hail Hail
  3. Animal
  4. Last Exit
  5. In My Tree
  6. Corduroy
  7. Better Man
  8. Not For You
  9. Jeremy
  10. Red Mosquito
  11. Black
  12. Rearviewmirror
  13. Lukin
  14. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter in a Small Town
  15. State of Love and Trust
  16. Footsteps
  17. Alive
  18. Blood
  19. Porch
  20. Who Are You (encore I)
  21. Even Flow (encore I)
  22. Daughter (encore I)
  23. Leaving Here (Edward Holland Jr. cover / encore I)
  24. Present Tense (encore I)
  25. Yellow Ledbetter (encore II)



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