20 Albums, 20 Days: Core

20 Albums, 20 Days: Core

Much like Bush a few years later, STP was considered a grunge rip off. Those who said that clearly didn’t listen to the album deeply enough. This was a band that harnessed the power of classic rock and mixed it with metal, grunge and blues. Scott Weiland, even in these early years, was a true superstar showman. Their live shows helped turned critics and their next two records continued to separate them from the rest of the pack. This is the album that brought the world “Plush”, “Creep” and the rock anthems like “Sex Type Thing” and “Wicked Garden”.

Fun Fact: Scott Weiland never understood the comparisons to Pearl Jam. He was much more worried that people would think they were a Doors rip off, because that’s what he was listening to the most during the recording of Core.

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