5:30 – Beefman’s Top 10 Nirvana Songs:

1)      Lithium

2)      Smells Like Teen Spirit

3)      Heart-Shaped Box

4)      Come as You Are

5)      Drain You

6)      All Apologies

7)      Aneurysm

8)      In Bloom

9)      Sappy

10)   Lounge Act

6:00 – The stunning buzzer beating shot that we can’t stop watching.
6:13 – 7:00 – Top albums from the 1980’s.
7:00. The amazing real estate price record that was just set right down the road.
7:13. Dumb Ass News. How do you get arrested at the happiest place on earth?
7:20 – 8:00. Killer Karaoke with Intern Ben
8:00. What does Coach Geno Auriemma say to those who aren’t happy with the Huskies season?  Marc Robbins, Channel 3 wraps up the weekend in college basketball.
8:13 – 9:00. The very first Female Rock Roadie,Tana Douglas. You can buy her new book “LOUD” HERE!
9:00. A major classic rock tour postpones their 2021 tour.
9:13. Dumb Ass News. How does 15 thousand bees get into your car at the grocery store?