Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Tuesday, September 7

Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Tuesday, September 7

6:00. So how horrible was that flooding last week? David Biller with Biller Associates on the phone.

6:20 – 6:40. We need to reset the celebrity death pool. Someone won. Call in your vote at 877-764-2535.

7:00. A Connecticut State Police trooper lost his life in the flood last week. Brian Foley on the phone.

7:20. Dumbass News. The sound of a man taking off his clothes at a school board meeting.

7:30. September of 1991 might hold the record for most influential albums released ever. David Browne, Senior Writer with Rolling Stone Magazine.

8:00. News.

8:20. Who’s smarter than an AJ? Ashley? AJ and Ashley take the back-to-school quiz. Nick the Science Guy from the CT Science Center.

9:00. Real Estate Agent Jonathan Carbutti.

9:20. Dumbass news. Why would you do this to your Pee Pee.