You made Anthony’s Wish come true with Chaz & AJ and TrinityPoint Wealth

You made Anthony’s Wish come true with Chaz & AJ and TrinityPoint Wealth

Thank you to everyone who donated to make Anthony’s Make-A-Wish Connecticut wish to come true with Chaz & AJ and TrinityPoint Wealth! Anthony is a seven-year-old from Milford who survived a brain tumor as an infant and still has some residual side effects today. His Wish is to have a camper so he and his family can all safely be together outside camping, creating new memories.

We raised over $14,500 to Make Anthony’s Wish Come True! Anthony is a huge Captain America fan.

Anthony’s Story:

Seven years ago, five-month-old baby Anthony began vomiting at his home in Milford. Alarmed and petrified, his parents made several trips to the pediatrician’s office and the pediatric ER over the course of five days, but Anthony’s condition continued to worsen.

Although doctors initially thought he had a virus, it was his family’s inability to make Anthony smile and a sudden crossing of his eyes that sent them to the ER again, where he was finally diagnosed with a brain tumor.

In pediatrics, brain tumors are difficult to diagnose because children are not usually walking or talking yet. Had Anthony not been brought back to the hospital, he would have died within hours. After a quick CAT scan, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Doctors immediately placed a drain in his head to relieve the pressure and put him on life-saving machines to prepare for emergency surgery the next afternoon.

Anthony didn’t smile after the surgery, but about four or five days later, he finally smiled. Anthony’s mom shares that “Anthony’s signature in life is he is always smiling and happy.” And his dad proudly explains that “Anthony is the tank of the family; he can walk in a room and light it up.”

Anthony was told he might never walk or talk. And though he has residual side effects from the trauma he experienced, including epilepsy, his mantra is “never give up.” Today, Anthony is seven years old and started playing baseball for the first time in his life; he even joined the local little league team.

When considering a wish, Anthony chose one that would allow him to be around the people he loves the most – his family. He wished to have a camper so they can all safely be together outside camping and creating new memories.