20 Albums, 20 Days: Pearl Jam ‘Vs.’

20 Albums, 20 Days: Pearl Jam ‘Vs.’

After their tremendous breakthrough with Ten, Pearl Jam was faced with the task of trying to capitalize on that success with sophomore album. They road-tested many of the songs and when they finally released Vs. in 1993, they sold more copies in a single week than any album in history. Seven million copies later, this Pearl Jam record is in the pantheon of classic grunge albums. The record takes you from the pump-up energy of “Go” and “Animal” to the dark introspection of “Indifference” and “Daughter”.

Fun Fact: The original title of the album was “Five Against One” and some of the early pressings of the cassette featured that name. Pearl Jam changed the name to Vs when they kept reading articles pitting them vs other bands. They certainly hated that.

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