20 Albums, 20 Days: Def Leppard ‘Pyromania’

20 Albums, 20 Days: Def Leppard ‘Pyromania’

MTV started to create a buzz for Def Leppard before Pyromania hit stores in 1983. The band could feel the momentum and went into a London studio and worked on choruses, riffs, and bridges that they would take to uber-producer Mutt Lange who basically built them into songs. This was also a transition for the band as Pete Willis was let go and Phil Collen joined the band and was a big help in finishing the album. The record went on to give us world famous songs like “Rock of Ages” and “Photograph”.

Fun Fact: The whole band lost their hearing during the recording of this and they weren’t able to hear the bass or whether or not songs were out of tune.

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