Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Thursday, February 17

6:00. I’m not sure what’s worse. A swimmer being killed by a shark or the reaction of the bystanders.
6:20. Phil’s big bachelor weekend. 
7:00. Kent Pierce from News 8. What’s going on in Branford? Masks or no masks?
7:20. Dumb Ass News. A woman gets impaled trying to kill spider. 
7:30. Freak accidents. Call in at 877-764-2535! Everyone on gets in the running for REO/STYX/Loverboy tickets!
8:00. The FBI is tracking down someone who robbed 11 banks. He could be from Connecticut.
8:20. Jimmy Koplik. More info on the “Sound on Sound” Festival.

Presale Codes for “Sound on Sound” tickets, available at

PLR – jimithing

FOX – Crush

Presale codes for REO/STYX/Loverboy concert, tickets available at Curtain

8:30. Lots of announcements this week!
8:40. Governor Ned Lamont calling in!
9:00. Some of the most unusual laws in the United States. 
9:20. Dumb Ass News. 
9:30. Todd Richards. The guy who called out the US snowboard judges to the world.