Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Tuesday, March 8

6:00. News. Artificial intelligence can now tell if you’re crazy by your social media posts. 
6:20. How fast can a female competitive eater put down a 100 chicken McNuggets?
6:30. Can AJ beat the world record for most peas eaten in 60 seconds??
6:40. AJ’s gas price song.
7:00. Attorney General Tong. What’s the deal with the gas prices?
7:20. Dumb Ass News. Human heads and other weird things stolen. 
7:30. Call in the most adult thing you did under the age of 12…. 877-764-2535! Everyone on the air gets in the running for Lynyrd Skynyrd tickets!
8:00. Father Ivan Mazuryk, Pastor of “Holy Protection of Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church” in Bridgeport. He is from the Ukraine.

How to donate items to the Ukraine:

  1. Drop Items off at the church this Saturday, March 12th between 1pm-4pm

Church Address: 457 Noble Ave., Bridgeport CT 06608

2. Monetary donations accepted online at:

“Revived Soldiers Ukraine” Website –

“Ukrainian American Coordinating Council Website –

3. Purchase Items online from the “Amazon Wishlist” at the “Rosenberg, Whewell, and Hite Attorneys at Law”

8:20. Mike Degrego IN STUDIO. What’s easier – being an air force Master Sergeant or a substitute teacher?
9:00. News. Why won’t Jay Leno buy a Ferrari?
9:20. Dumb Ass News. 
9:30. George Thorogood – How did he end up touring with Sammy Hagar?