Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Monday, March 21

6:00. C-a-l-m S-i-m-o-n: A tiktoker who moved into his cubicle
6:20. What happened over the weekend?
6:30. Brian Averna and his testicle 
6:40. Attorney Norm Pattis. He is in a talent show call “Staven’s Got Problems”
7:00. Animals gone wild… An eagle try to grab an 11-year-old for food and a Connecticut pig chases off a bear. Rebecca Shaw is on the phone.
7:20. Dumb ass news. A farmer with I love chicken in his butt. 
7:30. How was the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston? Matt Lawlor, host of “The People of Boston Podcast,” spoke to some of the folks who had the most fun.
8:00. Jamie McDonald from Bear’s Smokehouse BBQ. He is on the phone live from the Poland-Ukraine border. 
8:20. Jimmy Rap out on the streets for the St Patrick’s day celebrations.  The best people from the parade weekend. 
8:30. Re check in with Classy Cassie
9:00. New York City prosecutor and host of “True Conviction.” Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi on the phone.
9:20. Dumb ass news. A woman had a glass tumbler stuck somewhere.