Dumb Ass News – Crystal Ball was on to explain why her Florida home is for sale – with a person inside. Her ex-husband is part of the deal, and Crystal made an excellent pitch for why it’s worth the $699,000 selling price. (0:00)

Jimmy Rap was on with more audio, this time from the grocery store in East Haven. The “grocery grannies” all had very strong opinions about their sauce preferences, and tips and tricks on how to make your trips to the store easier and faster…for them. (9:42)

AJ took some 1980’s trivia questions, and for every wrong answer he had to put an ice cube in his pants. His biggest mistake was not bringing a backup pair of underwear to work today. (30:51)

The top things NOT to do if you’re trying to lose body fat. Ryan McCormick was on to share all of the ways he has failed in the past, and the scientifically-proven method that works for his client, Christine Hronec. (41:22)