Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Wednesday, June 1

5:30.  Chaz and AJ Window Nation Top 10. Top 10 Best things about growing older. #1 was having a happier outlook on life.

6:00. Top 5 things that make office workers crazy. 
6:20. Who is the worst person you ever lived with and what made them the worst? Call it in at 877-764-2535! Everyone on gets in the running for tickets to see Sammy Hagar at the Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater AND a chance to be upgraded to the first row. 
7:00. A guy walks into a Burger King and no one is inside. Comedian Paul Mecurio in studio. You can buy tickets to his shows at Mohegan Sun HERE!
7:20. Dumb Ass News. Baked goods sends seven co-workers to the hospital.  
8:00. How are gas prices effecting Door Dash Drivers. Mike in New Haven is on the phone.
8:20. Movie Critic Joe Meyers’ review of Top Gun Maverick. You can follow him @joesview on Instagram and Twitter.
8:30. And Joe’s Top 5 old movies that deserve a sequel. 
9:00. Laura Kile, Director of Rescue Pets of Florida St. Pete’s Division in Florida, almost died saving cats from a fire. You can donate to her GoFundMe Page HERE!
9:20. Dumb Ass News. 
9:30. Amanda Klimak from Largay Travel