Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Tuesday, August 15

Chaz and AJ Show Rundown: Tuesday, August 15

6:00. Two roof inspectors were shocked when they are matter hit powerlines in Middletown.

6:20. The top 10 famous Phils with Emma.(203) 882-9757

6:40. The Glastonbury tickler. A woman who wrote about it, and a foot fetish guy who sang about it.

7:00. Top-five, dumb things people do and get hacked. Dr. Frederick Scholl, Director of the Cybersecurity Program at Quinnipiac University will tell us what NOT to do.

Comedian Avery Quinn in-studio.

7:20. Dumb ass news. A spider bite that causes a permanent boner or death.

7:30. The most random thing in your car right now? (203) 882-9757

8:00. Roof inspectors were shocked in Middletown when their ladder hit powerlines. And the Blind Side kid sues his parents.

8:20. How do you end up doing cell phone reports from outside of Prison when your wife is being held hostage inside? Joe Zone, Ch 3 Sports Director is here to talk about some of the wild stories from his 50 year career.

8:30. The revenge of the Red Sox fans.

8:40. Two months into his dream job he got sick and was in the hospital for six weeks and off the air for three months.

9:00. Horrifying audio of a house exploding in Pennsylvania.
Also, we want to tell you about a special event leading up to September 11.

9:30. Stump the chumps. Stump us with your Wizard of Oz trivia question and get in the running to see ZZ Top and George Thorogood. (203) 882-9757